Workez Standing Desk Conversion Kit – Adjustable Ergonomic Sit to Stand Office Desk for Laptops & Desktops (BLACK)

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as of 06/08/2023 (Details)

"Combines 2 separate stands into a completely adjustable standing desk that converts any desk or table into a healthy, convenient standing desk. Includes our BRAND NEW Work EZ Keyboard Tray & Mouse Pad. We designed these new items to work together seamlessly and to become the ultimate ergonomic keyboard stand. The aluminum MONITOR STAND is adjustable in height from 0-2 feet. The panel rotates and can support loads under 13 lbs. Perfect for laptops & desktop monitors. Bonus: aluminum naturally dissipates heat & helps keep laptops cool. * Panel Size ~ 18*10"" * Height Range ~ 0-2' The ALL-NEW aluminum KEYBOARD TRAY holds keyboards at downward angle, letting your wrist droop down naturally while typing. Many ergonomists conclude this is the healthiest position for your wrists to be in while typing. * Panel Size ~18*11"" * Height Range ~ 0-18"" A removable, ambidextrous MOUSE PAD holds your mouse at the perfect height. The NEW DESIGN integrates directly with the keyboard tray * Size ~ 6.75*7.0"" This is a simple, standing desk conversion that is easy to use and will help you reap the benefits of incorporating more standing in your daily life. IF YOU HAVE A HEAVY DESKTOP MONITOR, CONSIDER OUR LIFT STANDING DESK:"

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