VIVO Laptop / Notebook Tray Holder for VESA Mount Stand / Fits 100 mm Plate Holes (STAND-LAP2)

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as of 06/08/2023 (Details)

STAND-LAP2 is a new laptop / notebook tray designed with 100 x 100 mm VESA holes that attach to your VESA LCD monitor mount. For best operation, a VESA mount that is able to tilt 90 degrees upward is recommended. STAND-LAP2 features numerous ventilation holes and a front retainer lip to help keep your laptop from sliding off. Mounting hardware is included to easily attach the tray to your VESA mount. Comes in a black matte finish and measures 14" x 11.5". This tray is the same as the one that is part of our popular STAND-V001L laptop mount and STAND-V002C laptop/monitor mount. The following is a list of VIVO Mounts compatible with STAND-LAP2: STAND-V001 STAND-V001B STAND-V001BU STAND-V001E STAND-V001G STAND-V001M STAND-V001O STAND-V001OU STAND-V001Q STAND-V001T STAND-V001W STAND-V002 STAND-V002D STAND-V002DU STAND-V002G STAND-V002M STAND-V002O STAND-V002OU STAND-V002V STAND-V003 STAND-V003G STAND-V003M STAND-V003T STAND-V004 STAND-V004C STAND-V004M STAND-V004Y STAND-V006 STAND-V011 STAND-V012 STAND-V012M

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