Stand Steady TITAN Monitor Stand -CRAZY Big & Tall! – Holds 2 Monitors & Height Adjustable 2-12 inches! (XL)

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as of 06/10/2023 (Details)

Elevate your work The Titan Monitor Stand™ by Stand Steady® is the largest monitor stand available - it is both taller and has a larger surface area than any other monitor stand. It is perfect for anyone using multiple monitors or in need of extra workspace. Its sleek, modern design looks great in any office. Protect your body Working with your monitor at the wrong height can cause eye strain and neck and back pain. This height adjustable monitor stand allows you to set your monitor/monitors at the correct ergonomic height. Expand Your Workspace Store items below your monitor stand to gain an extra 2.5 square feet of space on your desk for storage. Or, slide your keyboard under your monitor stand when you are working on paper documents. Components Monitor stand top: The top's surface size is 31.5" x 11.75". Material is melamine coated particleboard. 40 pound weight limit. Legs: The aluminum legs are the star of this stand! The legs come in 4 segments that can be arranged to change the height in 1 inch increments between 2.25 and 12.25 inches. The footprint of the monitor stand is 30.5"x11.25" and the distance between the front legs is 28.5". Feet: Feet are designed to adjust in height in case of an uneven desk surface Want more? Check out our full suite of ergonomic monitor stands, standing desks, and accessories at

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