SenseAGE Privacy Filter for Apple MacBook 12″ with Retina Display

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as of 10/30/2020 (Details)

A reliable high quality privacy filter keeps your MacBook 12" with Retina Display to be used privately in public places without compromising screen clarity.Design of 60° viewing angel provides you the eye comfort when you see the clear information on the display while people on either side of them see a darkened screen.【Product Feature】✓ Privacy ProtectionKeeps your personal or confidential information safe from prying eyes✓ Anti-glareAnti-reflective surface for enhanced viewing comfort✓ Extra Screen Protection Protects display from dirt, debris and scratches✓ Image ClarityDesigned for optical clarity when viewing from the front✓ Quick and Easy Installation Multiple attachment options make our filters easy to put on and take off as needed✓ Blue Light Cut Blue light reduction【Package Contents‎】✓ Privacy Filter x 1pc ✓ Microfiber cloth x 1pc ✓ Bezel Tabs x 1st✓ Reusable Adhesive Strips x 1st *** Use the tape to stick and remove the dust from the Reusable Adhesive Stripe when it loses the adhesion after repeated use.【 NOTE‎ 】✓ DUE TO THE SCREEN NITS DESIGNED BY APPLE, PLEASE ADJUST THE SCREEN BRIGHTNESS WHEN USING THE PRIVACY FILTER TO GET THE BEST EFFICIENCY. ✓ THE PRIVACY EFFICIENCY MIGHT BE VARIED ACCORDING TO THE USER ENVIRONMENT.【 Q & A 】Q#1: Why the people next to me still can read the info on my screen?ANS: Due to the special screen nits designed by Apple, the screen may be still clear when you are in the darker environment. Please adjust the screen brightness when necessary.Q#2: What is the difference between SenseAGE's Privacy filter and others?ANS: SenseAGE's has better image clarify of front view and with more durable material.MADE IN TAIWAN

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