PrivacyDevil PD22 Privacy Screen for 22” Monitors, Filter for 22”Display

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as of 04/02/2023 (Details)

Dimensions: (18 11/16" wide x 11 11/16" high - 474mm x 297mm) who the devil is looking at your screen? So you've been using your computer while other people are around. How can you be sure who sees what? How can you not worry about prying eyes? You're in luck, privacy devil offers the ultimate solution to your privacy issues. Keep your confidential screen information safe with this privacy filter PrivacyDevil's screen filter is the cutting edge technology protector that perfectly fits your 22 inch widescreen desktop or laptop monitor (18 11/16" wide x 11 11/16" high - 474mm x 297mm). You can see your display clearly, while people on either side will only see a darkened screen. Ideal for open office environments and high traffic or public spaces whether you wish to protect your business's confidential data or simply surf the web without worrying about those around you, this screen privacy filter will get the job done. It's made of lightweight, top quality material and includes 2 different attachment methods to suit all needs. It's also reversible, it has a matte side that reduces glare and reflections -perfect for outdoor use. The very best on the market - 4 times over PrivacyDevil prides in offering the absolute best in screen privacy solutions - a filter engineered and designed for maximum comfort and protection. Light years ahead from its competitors' respective products, it keeps your sensitive information private up to 4 times more effectively the best privacy screen you have ever used.

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