PowerSource 65W 45W 20V UL Listed 14Ft Long Slim-Tip AC-Adapter-Charger for Lenovo-ThinkPad Including Yoga, X1 Carbon, Flex, G50 T460 T470 T440 T450 ADLX65NLC3A Laptop-Power Supply Cord (Not USBC!)

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as of 10/03/2023 (Details)

*THIS CHARGER IS NOT A USB TYPE C CHARGER! Please check the "Connector Compatibility" photo before purchasing.This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with the following Lenovo laptops: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generations. IMPORTANT! Compatible with 2nd 3rd 4th Gen X1 Carbon ONLY! If you are using a 1st generation X1 Carbon, your laptop will say "20V 4.5A" on the bottom - this charger is not compatible with 1st generation X1 Carbon! If you are using a newer-generation X1 Carbon, your laptop requires a USB Type-C connector - please check the "Connector Compatibility" photo before purchasing if you are unsure! Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 1st Generation IMPORTANT! X1 Yoga 1st Generation ONLY! Lenovo Yoga 2 11 11E 12 13 730-15Lenovo T Series T431s T440 T440p T440s T450 T450s T460 T460s T470 T470s T550 T560 T570 TP25 Lenovo X Series X240 X240S X250 X260 X270Lenovo Z Series Z50 Z50-70 Z50-75 Lenovo E Series E431 E440 E450 E455 E460 E465 E470 E475 E531 E540 E550 E550c E555 E560 E565 E570 E575 Lenovo L Series L440 L450 L460 L470 L540 L560 L570 Lenovo B Series B40-30 B50-30 B50-35 B50-45 B50-70 B5400 Lenovo S Series S431 S440 S531 S540 Lenovo P40 Yoga P50S P51S W550S HELIX Edge 2 S41-70 IdeaPad 300Lenovo Flex 2 Flex 3 Flex 14Lenovo G Series G50 G50-45 G51-35 G70-80 G500Lenovo IdeaCenter M93 M93P M73 V330P/N: PA-1650-72 PA-1650-37LC ADP-65FD B 45N0292 0B47030 45N0256 888014997 42T5004 54Y8868 4X20E53336 0A36258 36200251 ADLX45DLC2A ADLX45NDC2A ADLX65NDC2A ADLX65NLC2A ADLX65NLC3A ADLX65NDC3A ADLX65SDC2A ADLX65NDT3A ADLX65NDC3 ADLX65NCC2A ADLX65SLC2A 36200249 36200288 36200253 36200292 0A36271 45N0321 45N0322 45N0313 45N0314 0C19868 0B47455

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