PowerSource 45W UL Listed 7Ft AC-Adapter-Charger for Lenovo-IdeaPad-100S 100 110 110S 120 120S 310 320 330S 510 ADL45WCC PA-1450-5LL Flex 4 Flex 5 Yoga 710 Chromebook-N22 N23 Laptop Power-Supply Cord

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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

THIS CHARGER IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 11.6" VERSION OF IDEAPAD 100S. THIS CHARGER IS A 20V 2.25A 45W CHARGER - THE 11.6" VERSIONS OF THE LENOVO IDEAPAD 100S (LIKE MODEL # 100S-11IBY) REQUIRE A 5V 4A 20W CHARGER. ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOGA CHROMEBOOK N23, WHICH REQUIRES A USB TYPE C CHARGER.This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility withLenovo Ideapad 100, 100S Series (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 100S-11IBY)100S 14": 100S-14IBR100-14: 100-14IBY 100-14IBD100-15: 100-15IBD100-15: 100-15IBYIdeapad 110, 110S Series110-14: 110-14IBR 110-14ISK110-15: 110-15ISK 110-15IBR 110-15ACL 110-15AST110-17: 110-17IKB 110-17ISK 110-17ACL110S-11IBRIdeapad 120, 120S Series120S-11: 120S-11IAP120S-14: 120S-14IAP 130S-11IGM 130S-14IGMIdeapad 300, 300S, 310, 320, 320S, 330S Series310-15: 310-15ISK 310-15ABR 310-15IKB 310-15IAP320-14: 320-14IKB320-15: 320-15ABR 320-15AST 320-15IAP 320-15IKB320-17: 320-17IKB320S-14: 320S-14IKB320S-15: 320S-15IKB330S-15ARR L340-15IWL S340-14IWLIdeapad 500, 500S, 510, 510S, 520, 520S, 530s, 710S Series510-15: 510-15IKB, 510-15ISK510S-14: 510S-14ISK, 520S-14IKB520-14: 520 2-in-1 14520-15: 520-15IKB520S-14: 520S-14IKB710S-13: 710S-13IKB, 710S-13ISK320S-15: 320S-15IKBChromebook N22, N23 (NOT N23 Yoga), N42, 100S, N22-20Yoga 710 SeriesYoga 710 11: 710-11ISK 710-11IKBYoga 710 14: 710-14IKB 710-14ISKYoga 710 15: 710-15IKB 710-15ISKFlex 4 11 1130 1470 1580, Flex 5 1470 1570, B50-10Parts: 81CX,81CW,5A10H42919,5A10H42921,5A10H42923,5A10H43625,5A10H43630,5A10H43632,ADP-45DW B, ADP-45DW BA,ADP-45DW C,ADL45WCC,GX20K11838,PA-1450-55LL, PA-1450-55LN,PA-1450-55LR

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