Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler with Vacuum Fan (Rapid Cooling, Auto-Temp Detection, 13 Wind Speed, Unique Clamp Design, Compatible with Cooling Pads)

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as of 06/08/2023 (Details)

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler is the best way to keep your laptop cool and free from overheating. Innovative and compact design, 13 different fan speeds and unique clamping arms make this cooler stand out from the rest. Your laptop will thank you as stays cool while you do intensive activities like play games, watch HD movies, or run a large number of applications. Compatibility and Usability Self-designed PCB electric board, top-class Japanese dual-ball turbo, and brand new ABS Industrial plastic, make sure the LC05 last over 5000 working hours, which is 2 to 3 years for a heavy user and even longer for normal utility. The cooler uses 3 silicone shrouds making it suitable for most laptops with vents on the sides or rear. The clamping arms are a creative way to keep laptop cooler firmly attached, enabling it to move or hang in the air, perfect if you move your laptop around for work or at LAN parties. Smart and Quiet OperationYou can adjust the fan speed with two different modes, automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the cooler intelligently adjusts the suction according to the temperature generated by the laptop and auto stand by when the laptop is powered off. You can manually adjust the speed with 13 different speeds available, with the maximum speed being up to 5000 revolutions per minute. The fan is very quiet and makes little noise, not more than 60dbm, even at the fastest speed. What is in the Box 1 Laptop Cooler (Unit: LC05) 1 USB Cable 1 Junction Plate 1 Plastic Fixed Plate 1 3M Fixing Glue 4 Foot Pad 3 Silicon Shroud 1 Dust proof Filter 1 User Guide

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