Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS Microphone Blocker (2 Pack) – Signal Blocking Device 3.5mm for Laptops, Smartphones & Desktop Computers Security, Privacy, Counter-Surveillance – Hear Music No Eavesdropping

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as of 10/03/2023 (Details)

Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS - listen to your music while having security. When hackers, companies, or governments gain remote access control of your laptop, tablet or smartphone, they're able to turn on the webcam-an action that causes the microphone to go live, too. While being watched is bad enough, being recorded without your permission is even worse. Are you sure your conversations are private? Be sure with Mic-Lock, the only digital anti-spying sound blocker on the market! Mic-Lock is the first and only device to offer unbeatable protection against hackers and spies attempting to listen in on you. The newly re-designed Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS features an adaptor that allows you to use headphones while Mic-Lock is plugged into your device's microphone jack. How Mic-Lock Works Mic-Lock uses a proprietary semiconductor circuit to simulate a live 3.5mm microphone on your personal devices. When plugged in, Mic-Lock will automatically become the device's primary "microphone" by mimicking expected electrical properties of a normal microphone. Mic-Lock "tricks" your device into thinking it's a live microphone but blocks audio input. Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker with SOUNDPASS adaptor for headphones The compact design is perfect for traveling to work, school, vacations, or anywhere you may be headed. Simply plug it into your laptop, phone, or tablet and you're ready to go! Directions for use: Remove rubber keychain top. Plug Mic-Lock into your 3.5mm microphone/headphone port. Voilà! Mic-Lock will block all audio from being transmitted while you continue to use the headphone jack. Mic-Lock is safe to use on all devices. Prevent cyber attackers from listening to your conversations The only digital anti-spying sound blocker on the market with SOUNDPASS headphone adaptor Simply plug in to use with laptops, tablets and smartphones. Read more Trust Your Privacy to Mic-Lock Mic-Lock with SOUNDPASS Unobtrusive design functions with laptops, tablets and computers.

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