Large Bed Tray, Superjare Foldable Laptop Desk, Portable Outdoor Camping Table (Mini), Breakfast Tray with Legs, 23.2″x 16.1″ Bamboo Wood Grain

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as of 03/29/2023 (Details)

Probably You Want To Know: Q: Is it easy to fold and unfold the table legs? A: If you have a problem in folding and unfolding the table, just put a small drop of oil at each joint, wait for 10 minutes and it will be very convenient to use. Q: Does this folding laptop have any other colors? A: Yes. Green, Pink, Silver, Bamboo Wood Grain. Q: What's the unfolded and folded size? A: Unfolded size: 23.2"x 16.1", height: 10.4"; Folded Size: 11.6" x 16.1", height: 1.6". Q: Is there an inner space when folded? A: Yes. You can store little things in the inner space, such as a book or mouse pad. Q: What size of laptop it fits for? A: Perfectly fits for a 16" laptop with a mouse. Q: What's the distance between the legs when unfolded? A: 22.63". Q: Does it support for standing work? A: Yes. Q: Would this be available for serving food in bed? A: Yes. Q: Is this tabletop of laptop desk not big enough for you? A: We recommend you another laptop desk "B01M1H240D" with extra big tabletop (27.6" x 19.9"). Q: Is the height of the laptop desk adjustable? A: Sorry, the height of this design can't be adjusted. Meanwhile, we have another design of laptop desk with adjustable heights and angles, please search the "B01LYVH73N" or "B01M0TVJ2Y" (Built-in Cooling Fan) at our store.

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