LapWorks Laptop Legs Easy to Apply Creates 2 ergonomic elevations that cool notebook (1 pair of legs)

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as of 10/03/2023 (Details)

The Laptop Legs attach to the bottom of any notebook computer with peel-n-stick 3M adhesive. Each Laptop Leg including the Mac Feet have two fold-down legs that elevate. The smaller leg elevates the back of the notebook 1" while the second leg raises it 1-3/8". The small leg has a large rubber pad for gripping on the desktop when in the closed or folded closed position. The smaller leg can support a constant weight load of 20 lbs. and the larger leg can support a constant weight load of 35 Lbs.Most ergonomists will advise never to type on a flat keyboard. Typing on a flat desk top surface forces the user to move their elbows away from their body in order to position their hands comfortably for typing. Supporting the arms away from the body fatigues the back and shoulder muscles reducing the time you are able to spend working on your notebook. The Laptop Legs elevate the keyboard for better typing ergonomics while reducing body fatigue and improving personal performance.Internal heat is a notebook's worst enemy and is the principal cause of sluggish performance, screen freezing and shortening the life span of the computer. Aside from certain death that comes with the crash-to-the-floor or liquid spill over the keyboard, internal heat is the de facto number one killer of notebook computers. What most people don't know about this issue and what most manufacturers wont' tell you is that the excessive heat within your notebook eventually wears out the electronic components. That's why notebooks die - they simply wear out from heat fatigue.

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