for DELL Precision 7730-17.3inch Laptop Screen Privacy Anti-Blue Light Protection Vision

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as of 11/30/2022 (Details)

Features: 1. Preventing voyeurism: Using the principle of physical optics polarization, after using the anti-spy film on your LCD screen, the screen only has visibility of 30 degrees or less on the front and side, but not from the side 30 degrees from the left and right. See the screen content. 2, to prevent scratching: the outer surface layer is treated with super-abrasive material coating. The hardness is 4-5H, which can effectively prevent scratches, stains, fingerprints and dust, and protect your love machine from external damage to the greatest extent. 3. Flexible application:, even if the laptop is not taken down on the notebook screen, it can be closed freely. 4, to prevent warm reflection: matt surface, anti-reflective, prevent sunlight, fluorescent lights, etc. caused by glare, prevent strong glare up to 99.9% to eliminate eye fatigue, protect the eyes. 5, UV protection up to 96%, anti-radiation up to 99.9%, anti-static, enhance contrast, make the effect better. The ultra-fine louver optical technology makes the screen material for users to read from the front 60-degree angle of view. Anyone can only see the black screen on both sides, protect the trade secrets and personal privacy, and use the computer more freely

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