COOSKIN Anti Glare Screen Protector Guard Film Cover for Laptop 13.3 inch –293mm x 165mm(16:9)

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as of 12/01/2023 (Details)

COOSKIN Anti-glare screen protector can reduces the glare from fluorescent and sun light to allow easy viewing and reducing the burden on your eyes. The screen protector adds an ultra-thin durable layer of transparent protection to your LCD display. The protector is easy to apply, remove cleanly, and without any sticky residue. Usage Guide 1. Make sure your environment is as dust free as possible before you start,Shut off the computer screen 2. Clean your screen several times using a standard moist screen wipe,allowing the screen to dry fully 3. Open your laptop screen as far as possible,getting it flat,and support it in this position 4. Don't remove the backing from the protector all at once, but do remove enough to stick the first side.Spend plenty of time ensuring it is perfectly lined up 5. Slowly start to peel off the backing while simultaneously stick the film to the screen 6. If you see a bubble,gently peel back the screen and use the lint free cloth or adhesive tape to pick it up Tips: 1. About how to post screen protector, you also can search "how to install screen protectors" on YouTobe. 2. You can use scotch tape to clean your laptop screen first if you need, and make it thoroughly clean even at the beginning and in the processing while you posting the screen protector, it will effectively prevent the bubbles. 3. We suggest you to ask a professional to post the screen protector for you.

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