CarrieCathy Universal Slot Blade Security Locking Bracket with Combination Cable Lock for MacBook Pro, Air, Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, & Projectors

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as of 05/31/2023 (Details)

The Blade - a universal Macbook lock that allows you to secure any Macbook with an ultra-strong retractable locking slot.With a motto of "No Slot - No Sweat" the adhesive bracket attaches to any device with 7 inches of flat surface area and incorporates a standard cable lock slot to the tip of the retractable blade.The Blade's minimalist style essentially hides it from plain site and is designed to complement the device in use. Adding the Blade to your laptop or tablet will also improve airflow and ventilation to help maintain optimal device operating temperature. Though simple in design the Blade Universal Lock is extremely tough and durable with the ability to hold up to 150lbs of weight.Blade Specs:Length - 7in (17.4cm)Width - 1.6in (4.1cm)Thickness - 0.31in (8mm)Blade Length - 3.14in (8cm)Cable Lock Specs:Length - 7in (17.4cm)

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