Brand New DSC IMPASSA 9057 Battery 6PH-H-4/3A3600-S-D22 7.2 V 3600mAh, 2017

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as of 08/12/2022 (Details)

About the product model number is 6PH-H-4/3 A3600-S-D22 High Capacity. The voltage is 7.2 and the rating is 3600 mAh. This replacement battery will fit ADT branded DSC Alarm panels try unplugging the wall receptacle power while replacing the battery pack. This allows the alarm system to completely power down and clear any old failure codes. Once the battery pack is installed, plug the power cord back in. The battery pack takes about 2 days to fully charge, so don't try resetting, etc until the unit reaches full charge."

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