(BozaBoza) Acrylic Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 24″ Easy On/Off (for 24″ Universial Diagonally Measured 16 : 9/16 : 10 Aspect Ratio) Filtering Out Blue Light for Laptop, Notebook, Monitor

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as of 12/04/2023 (Details)

BozaBoza 24" Diagonally Measured 16:9/16:10 Aspect Ratio Anti Blue Light panel Specifications Have you suffered eye fatigue While you are doing your Task in front of Monitor ? Have you suffered sore eyes and headache After working with Screen or playing computer games ? Do you know? Harmful blue light from digital Screen could cause eye strain, dry eyes, sore eyes and many other problems! Do you know what the Blue Light is ? "Blue light" exists between 380 and 500 nm close to ultraviolet, UV light. It carries the highest energy(HEVL). It cannot be absorbed by the cornea and crystalline lens and directly affects the retina and results in significant damage to the eyes. From now on, you are free from those kind of worries! BozaBoza would help you say no to the harmful blue light. BozaBoza Anti Blue Ray Filter can block 98.7% of 380~410 nm, short blue light, 84% of 410~500nm blue light and 99% of UV Light. Block the bright light from computer, relieve eye strain, providing you a better sleep. To People who work in front of Screen for a long time, BozaBoza Filter is not optional but essential ! Features : ◎ Anti-Blue Light 98.7% ◎ UV and Blue Light Reduction ◎ Radiation Protection ◎ Protects Monitor from Scratches ◎ High Transmittance & Vivid Color ◎ Frameless, Thin, and Lightweight ◎ Not Compatible with Touchscreens Size : ◎ Device Compatibility: Universal 24" (23" - 24") ◎ Viewing Angle: 60 degrees total (equivalent to 30 degrees on either side of center) ◎ Diagonal Length: 24" ◎ Height: 14 (Millimeters: 360mm) ◎ Width: 22 (Millimeters: 560mm) ◎ Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 16:10 Aspect Ratio Contents : ◎ (x1) Universal 24" (23" - 24") ◎ (x1) Microfiber cleaning cloth (4.86 x 4.86 inch) ◎ (x1) Installation instructions (Easy installation)

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