Allsop Cool Channel Platform LapDesk for Laptop Notebook Computers (29591)

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as of 10/03/2023 (Details)

The award-winning Cool Channel Platform is constructed of a cushioned, non-woven surface which can also act as some extra protection in your briefcase or backpack. Just because you take your computer on the road, does not mean it should not go protected. Allsops patent-pending Cool Channel Platform provides a multi-purposed protective, portable solution that is lightweight (less than one pound). Its unique, ergonomic C shape also cools a user and their notebook adding to a users comfort while working on their lap or at a desk. This revolutionary C shaped design feature also provides notebook storage and a protective sleeve for transport flip it over and your notebook can slide right into the channel. It actually can go into your bag this way and add protection to soft-sided bags without adding the weight. The Cool Channel uses a non-slip woven surface with engineered channels for passive air circulation to help keep your notebook computer cool. Besides the benefit of less heat on your lap, this will also help your battery last longer and your computer operate faster.

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